Diamond Dash

7.1.22 for iPhone

Line up all of the diamonds you can in the smallest time possible


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Diamond Dash is an addictive game of skill and intelligence that is very similar to Bejeweled, but with a much more dynamic and frantic touch.

While in the previously mentioned Bejeweled you had to switch gems in order to group three or more of the same kind, in Diamond Dash it's enough to find groups of three or more gems at the same time on the board and click on them to destroy them, free up space and thus find new groups.

The addictive point of the game comes when you figure out that, the faster you find and destroy groups of gems, the greater their destructive power. Thus, if you manage to maintain a good destructive rhythm, the gems around the destroyed groups will also be affected, getting you even more points.

As you advance through the game you will go up levels. The higher the level, the greater number of bonus points the game will award you. In addition, once you reach certain levels you will be able to get new, more powerful destructive powers.

Of course, Diamond Dash is a social game, and you want to play continuously it will be crucial to collaborate with your friends. The game gives you five lives originally, when they run out you have to wait to keep playing.

Another interesting part of the game is to be able to compete against your friends in a weekly score and ranking system. If you win during the week, you can win medals that allow you to progress in the game, getting experience, levels and, of course, more powers.
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