Diamond Dash

The addictive game of the moment. Time to explode gems



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Diamond Dash is a very addictive game very similar to the famous Bejeweled but adding a dynamic flavour.

In Bejeweled we play by swapping the position of gems, but in Diamond Dash we have to find and explode gems when they are forming groups of 3 or more. Once you'll have found a group of 3 or more diamonds together, you'll only have to click any of the diamonds and all of them will disappear. That place will be replaced by more diamonds.

It's very easy to play, and even more addictive. Each match is only one minute long and the faster you'll explode diamonds, the more points you'll get. Remember, only one minute to explode the more diamonds you can.

If the rhythm of destruction is well enough, we'll get items and bombs that will make surrounding diamonds to explode and we'll get extra points.

As long as we play, we'll increase our level and the bonus percentage. Furthermore, when we reach certain levels we unlock new items and powers.

Diamond Dash is a social game, we have a limited number of lives which are generated -one live each seven minutes-, but you can get extra lives by sending and receiving lives from your friends.

Finally, there's a weekly championship in which you and your friends take part, so prepare your fingers to be the best exploding diamonds. Diamond Dash is one of those games that can get you hooked for a long, long while.
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